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Senior Strong!

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    Sitting here during New Orleans' stay at home mandate in the midst of spring festival season is surely a challenge! No fishing, no sports, no festivals, no crawfish boils and fishfry with friends and extended families, the list goes on and on as I know you all know too well!  This should be our busiest tourist season and the French Quarter is literally a ghost town. I have never seen anything like it, not even after Katrina! 

      Then there are the schools closed for remainder of the school year.  My daughter is one of many whose senior year has been disrupted by COVID-19. My heart goes out to all those like her who will not get the Senior experience they worked so hard towards.  I realize that there is so much more that COVID-19 is taking from people , but this is my little part to try to give something back!

       I have always done custom work and I think a lot of people still didn't realize this, so with extra time on my hands, and with seniors in mind like my daughter, I made her a senior ornament for a keepsake. It is surely a year none of us will forget! I wanted her to have something special to remember her senior year with instead of all that COVID-19 has taken.

      I was also thinking about the ornaments I have made for people as a memorial for their loved ones and pets that have gone on ahead of us. Sometimes its the engagement photo, wedding, new house or the celebration of a new baby in the family!

      I love being able to make something that is so special, that touches people and reminds them of the joys in their lives, especially now, in times like these where we are all struggling to find the joy! 


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  • Senior Strong!

        Sitting here during New Orleans' stay at home mandate in the …